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Paper Making Felt

Paper making felt

Paper making process can not be separated from paper making felt, it can be said in the modern paper machine without paper felt can not achieve the paper making process. Although paper making felt in the total cost of paper only a small proportion, but its quality is good or bad impact on the paper making process.

So what are the quality parameters of paper making felt?

1. The width and length of the felt

The length and width of the felt must match the operating structure of the paper machine, be able to withstand the tension required for the machine to run and meet the requirement to support the full paper width.

2. The weight of the felt

During the papermaking process, the felt, together with the wet paper sheet, is subjected to a pressing force in the thickness direction between the pair of press rollers of the press section, which requires that the blankets are of moderate weight and the felt is reasonable and has an ability to squeeze out the water from Wet paper.

3. The compressibility of blankets

Felt must maintain a certain degree of compressibility. The anticompression ability of the felt is directly related to whether the performance of the felt is stable, whether the paper machine reaches the steady state press.

4. Abrasion resistance

The felt acts as a driving force for driving the driven roller of the press section, and the surface of the fixed portion of the press portion is rubbed. However, in terms of the life and performance of felt, the warp rupture strength of papermaking felt, the higher the wear resistance of the surface fiber layer, the more favorable.

5. Air permeability

The air permeability of a dry felt refers to the amount of air that can be transmitted per minute per square meter of pressure at 127 Pa.