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Chain Conveyor For Paper Making Line

Chain conveyors have a wide range of applications in the paper making industry. They can efficiently transport various raw materials applied in the pulping system, paper making machine, and different pulping machine components. The stable operation and efficient transmission of chain conveyors ensure a smooth and continuous flow of dry paper, leading to enhanced production efficiency.

Application & Features of Chain Conveyor

1. The groove plate undergoes a stamping and forming process, resulting in exceptional sturdiness and resistance to impact.

2. Our conveyor chain plate is designed in a closed manner, effectively preventing any material leakage.

3. We utilize a double-row roller traction chain, featuring a hollow roller shaft that allows for oil injection from the pin to the shaft sleeve. Furthermore, it incorporates a tin-zinc-copper wear-resistant bushing for enhanced durability.

The chain conveyor is designed to handle heavier paper rolls with ease while ensuring the stability and safety of the transported paper rolls. If you are interested in learning more about paper machines and their applications, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at the following email address: