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Small Output Tissue Paper Production Line

The process of tissue paper production line starts with the preparation of the paper pulp. Depending on the desired quality and characteristics of the tissue paper, various pulp sources like virgin fibers, recycled fibers, or a blend of both can be used. The pulp of tissue paper production line is mixed with water and chemicals, such as dyes and additives, to achieve the desired properties.

Details of Tissue Paper Production Line

a. Headbox: The headbox evenly distributes the pulp mixture onto a moving wire mesh, forming a thin and continuous sheet of paper.

b. Forming Part: Here, the paper sheet is dewatered and molded into the desired shape using vacuum suction and mechanical adjustments.

c. Press Part: The partially dewatered paper sheet is pressed between large rolls or cylinders to remove additional water and improve its strength and smoothness.

d. Drying Part: The paper sheet passes through heated cylinders or dryer cans, which evaporate the remaining moisture and dry the paper to the desired moisture content.

The specific configuration and features of tissue paper production line can vary depending on factors such as production capacity, product specifications, and automation levels. If you have interest to our paper machine, please contact us by email: