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Coating Board Paper Making Line

150TPD White Coating Board Paper Production Line

White coating board paper making contain stock preparation line and paper machine two steps, the pulping line divides wood pulp preparation and recycling pulp; the high quality paper machine take a very important role in finished paper quality.

Five-wire Coating Board Paper Machine

Paper making contain stock preparation line and paper machine, the quality of machine take an important role in paper quality, so select a reliable supplier and high quality paper machine is very important for paper maker. The paper machine Leizhan Supplied has features that low energy and water consumption of tons paper.

Fluting/Testliner Paper Machine For Sale

Fluting/Testliner paper machine is on hot sale in Leizhan, we designed this paper machine for paper maker according to customer’s requirements, the following is 4600mm fluting paper machine technical data.

30TPD Cardboard Paper Making

Cardboard paper making contain stock preparation and cardboard paper machine, this two steps paper machine can be available in Leizhan, paper pulp machine and paper machine are on hot sale in Leizhan.

Bobbin Slitter Supplier

It is mainly used for the cutting and rewinding of the original paper and the edge of the printed material, that requires the paper products disk surface flatness and tension uniform.

White Board Paper Making Line

White board paper making divides into paper pulping process and papermaking process, all this paper machine and paper pulp machine can be available in Leizhan, the following is use 30t/d white board paper making as example.

1880 Type Overfeed High Speed Paper Rewinding Machine

Most of the paper rolls that are rolled by the reeling machine cannot be directly used for paper processing or printing. The usual practice is through rewinder machine to remove the bad paper, stick the broken head, cut into the required width and so on. 1880 Type Overfeed High Speed Paper Rewinding Machine is mainly applied to the net paper width ≦ 2000mm, 100-250g/㎡ paper rewinding.

Waste Paper Recycling Pulping Line

A whole sets of waste paper recycling pulping line includes pulping system, cleaner equipment, coarse screening system, fine screening system, fiber fractionating system and Inflow pressure screen before paper machine. Leizhan can supply the whole complete paper pulping line for paper mill, we have many successfully case in home and aboard, such as Iran, Egypt, Bangladesh.

Screening Equipment M.C. Pressure Screen

Before the pulp enter into the paper machine, need to be purified and screening treatment, on the one hand to remove dust and impurities in the slurry, on the other hand make the slurry evenly dispersed, resulting in uniform dispersion of fiber suspension. So that need screening equipment do the appropriate treatment.

200T/D Boxboard Paper Making Line

This Pulping process is designed according to double-layer paper machine, produce  mid-range board paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper, fluting paper, etc. We designed this kraft paper making project for Iran paper making friends according to their production capacity.

150T/20H Iran Stock Preparation Project

Do you know the paper pulping process and what the role paper equipment play in working process? Our engineer design project for Iran coating paper pulp production line, and this is some technical parameter about paper pulp machine you can see as following note.

Paper Making Felt

Paper making process can not be separated from paper making felt, it can be said in the modern paper machine without paper felt can not achieve the paper making process. Although paper making felt in the total cost of paper only a small proportion, but its quality is good or bad impact on the paper making process.

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