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Good Felts For Paper Mill To Reduce Papermaking Costs

Felts are consumables commonly used in paper machines. In the past difficult times, the paper mill even used felts to make clothes for papermaking workers as welfare. Using good felts to reducing the cost of papermaking are issues that every papermaking company attaches great importance to.

Our company can offer paper mill the best quality felts. This kind of felt is a high-thread bottom-pressed net needle punched felt, also known as BOM paper-made felt. BOM papermaking blanket is the most widely used papermaking blanket at present, and its usage penetration rate has reached more than 95%. The high-wire bottom-pressing needle-punched paper felt is composed of a bottom mesh layer and a fiber layer. Its structural feature is that the bottom mesh layer is made of different organizational structures made by different weaving techniques in the longitudinal and transverse directions. It is divided into single layer and double layer. , Multi-layer or multi-layered composite, multi-filament chemical fiber material in the longitudinal direction, monofilament or multi-filament chemical fiber material in the horizontal direction, and then pierce the wool net on both sides of the bottom net to make a blanket, both the bottom net and the wool net 100% synthetic fiber. Therefore, the high-wire bottom-net needle-punched paper felt can be divided into single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer, laminated bottom-net needle-punched paper felt and node-free bottom-net needle-punched paper felt.

Welcome email us or leave message on our website if you are interested in our paper machine felts, we can offer you high quality felt you need to help you reducr papermaking cost.