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150T/20H Coating Paper Pulping Line

Paper pulp process

During puling process, there need many paper equipment to achieve the goal to produce fine pulp. Leizhan focus on paper&pulp machine industry more than 36 years, we have rich experience and professional managers to meet your requirements.

Pulping process

Raw material: LOCC(waste paper)

Finished production: kraft paper

Capacity production: 150t/20h

Main equipment: Chain conveyor, Drum pulper, High density cleaner, Mid consistency coarse screen, Single effect fiber separator, Reject separator, Low density cleaner, 1st stage M.C. fine screen, 2st stage M.C. fine screen.

Cleaning system

In cleaning system we need use High density cleaner and Low density cleaner. High density cleaner is used to remove heavy impurities, wear resistance ceramics cone, has long service life, Low density cleaner is used behind or front fine screening equipment to remove heavy impurities in the pulp.

Screening system

Mid consistency pressure screen can be used as coarse and fine screening equipment, this depends on the screen drum, hole screen drum is coarse screen, slot screen drum is fine screen. Coarse screen is used behind high density cleaner, fine screen is used before or behind Low density cleaner. According to raw material and capacity need 1st stage, 2st stage, 3st stage screen equipment in pulping process.