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180-300 Gsm Coating Board Paper Making Machine

The coating board paper machine is composed of multiple continuous working parts, including pulp preparation, pulp conveying, paper forming, pre-drying, coating, drying and reeding, etc. Coating board produced by coating board paper machines is widely applied in high-end printed matter, packaging materials, book covers, magazines, business cards and other fields, requiring high-quality printing performance and appearance.

Details Of Coating Board Paper Machine

1. Types of paper: Coated white board paper

2. Paper making quantity: 180~300 gsm

3. Clean paper width: 4200 mm

4. Design speed: 350 m/min

5. Dynamic balancing speed: 400 m/min

6. Coating method: scraper metering coating

7. Gauge: 5300 mm

The coating board paper machine combines pulp preparation and coating technology through the continuous operation of multiple working parts to produce high-quality coated board paper. Coating board paper machines are important production equipment in the paper industry and are applied to meet high-end paper products with different printing and packaging needs. Email address: