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200GSM Coating Board Paper Making Machine

The working process of the coating board paper machine is divided into four main links: pulp preparation, coating, drying and finishing. It can help you produce smooth and flat coated board paper with excellent printing performance and appearance quality.

Our coating board paper machines use advanced manufacturing technology and automated control systems to ensure a stable and efficient production process.

Working Process of Coating Board Paper Machine

Pulp preparation: The pulp preparation part is through the processing of cellulose raw materials to prepare the pulp into a slurry suitable for coating.

Coating: The prepared pulp is measured and evenly coated on the paper base to form a coating slurry film. Coating can be single-sided coating or double-sided coating, choose according to needs.

Drying: The coating board paper base is dried at high temperature to completely dry the coating slurry and enhance the adhesion between the coating layer and the paper base.

Finishing: The dried coating board paper is sorted, cut into required specifications and sizes, and then packaged and shipped from the factory.

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