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Different Scales Coating Board Paper Making Machine

In order to meet different needs, Leizhan has designed different coated paper production machines to produce coated paper. Lightweight coated paper includes graphic paper, high-quality graphic paper, ivory Dowling paper, snow-white Dowling paper and magazine paper, etc.

Among them, the surface of high-end pictorial paper has been treated with trace amounts of paint and is also calendered. The surface of the paper is smooth and delicate, suitable for printing fine-mesh paper prints. However, because the pores on the paper surface are reduced after calendering, it has low ink absorption. It has the characteristics of high ink holding ability.

Details Of Coating Board Paper Machine

1. Paper Grade: Coating Board Paper

2. Operating Speed: 200-600m/min

3. Capacity: 200-1400t/d

4. Net paper width: 2400-6600mm

5. Output paper weight: 200-350gsm

Leizhan not only provides pulping machines and paper machines, but also provides vulnerable parts of the machines. If you are interested in producing coated boards, welcome to discuss the details with us. Email address: