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Egg Tray Paper Making Machine


Egg tray paper making plant from waste paper contains two parts: Pulp making line and Egg tray moulding machine. We are popularly known among our customers for manufacturing high quality paper pulp processing machine based on waste paper, wood pulp, etc. 

Egg tray pulp manufacturing process

Firstly, LOCC will be conveyed by Chain conveyor into D type hydrapulper for pulping.

Then, High density cleaner will be used for pulp cleaning.

After pulp cleaning, the pulp will be conveyed into Vibrating screen for screening and removing various impurities in pulp suspension.

After that, Inclined screen will be used for washing and thickening of the pulp.

Then, pulp will be conveyed into Double disc refiner for cutting long fiber into short fiber for end products making.

Finally, pulp will be conveyed into egg tray molding machine for making Egg tray.