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Paper Making Equipment Light Impurity Separator

Paper making equipment light impurity separator is a key equipment applied to deal with impurities and waste materials in paper pulp. The main function of light impurity separator is to separate the waste residue or pollutants in the pulp from the fibers, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the pulp.

Application & Features

1. Improve the paper quality. After the paper pulp is processed by the light impurity separator, the waste residue is removed, the fiber pulp is stabilized, and better quality paper products can be produced.

2. Increase production capacity. Reduce blockage and failure of subsequent equipment, improve equipment stability and operating efficiency, thereby increasing production capacity.

3. High efficiency and energy saving. A more efficient and energy-saving light impurity separator reduces energy consumption and wastewater emissions.

4. Combined with automation control technology, realize intelligent operation and monitoring of equipment, and improve equipment performance and stability.

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