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120TPD Cardboard Paper Making Project

Cardboard paper machine

120t/d cardboard paper making project divides into paper pulping process and slurry forming paper process, this cardboard paper machine is three layer to produce higher quality paper to meet the market requirements.

Three layer cardboard paper machine

Paper grade: Cardboard paper, corrugated paper
Net of paper width: 3200mm
Basis weight: 80~300g/㎡
Center distance: 4300mm
Capacity: 120t/d
Working speed: 250m/min
Designed speed: 300m/min

Corrugated cardboard paper often resurgence in weather air humidity is large, resulting in collapse of cartons, so how to deal with this problem?

At first improve the pulp quality. High quality paper pulp machine, advanced technology and good pulp program can make the pulping process more efficient and supply high quality pulp for paper making machine. Paper pulp machine waste paper recycling project used contain waste paper continuous pulping system, high, mid, low density cleaner, coarse screening system, fine screening and Inflow pressure screen, all this paper machine Leizhan supplied adopt international technologies and have 14 national patent certification. The paper produced by Leizhan paper machine have a high strength, good moisture resistance.

The long fiber pulp goes into top layer Inflow pressure screen for paper making, medium fiber goes into medium layer and short fiber into bottom layer, three different fiber to make different wet sheet according to their features and turn into one sheet in the press section. The inflow pressure screen Leizhan supplied and make the pulp evenly flow to headbox in a stable speed and consistency, meanwhile have further screening function.