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50tpd High Strength Corrugated Paper Making Machine

corrugated paper machine
This machine is for 100-180 g/m² high-strength corrugated paper, testliner paper cardboard paper making. Our manager design the following project for customer to set up 50t/d high strength&cardboard paper making line.

Paper Machine Technical Data

Main Product: High strength corrugated paper, cardboard paper
Basic Weight: 100-180g/㎡
Trimmed Width: 3600mmm
Production Capacity: 50t/d
Working Speed: 50-100m/min
Design Speed: 120m/min
Distance between sole-plates: 4700mm
Drive Type: AC motor frequency conversion speed subsection

Cylinder Wire Section: Cylinder Mould=φ1500×4100mm(3sets)

Press Part: Consist of two main press section, and equipped with all kinds of leading rollers, corrector, stretcher, high and low pressure waste spray pipe, suction box,doctor blade, water dish, rolls changing car, etc. The rolls bearing in press section is grease lubrication.

Drying part: it consists of 16φ1800 dryer cylinder.Transmission:big gear

Two roll calender: Calender Roller :φ500×4000mm, Material: cold cast iron roller core, after fine car, the school dynamic balance, uneven measurement not exceeding the self-weight 0.5

3600 horizontal roll machine: Maximum roll diameter: 2200mm, roll balance: 900m/min

If you have any need or questions, welcome to contact us for more details.