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Double Disc Refiner For Paper Making Machine

The pulp is beaten through the double disc refiner, and the high-speed operation of the disc teeth generates huge centrifugal force, which continuously throws the pulp to the refining surface to form a pulp film. Thereby improving the breaking degree of pulp. All parts of the double-disc refiner that are in contact with the pulp are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Application & Features

1. The fiber is subjected to huge shear force and the combined effects of friction force, twisting force, hydraulic force, etc., causing the fiber to be cut, split, broomed, crushed, etc., thereby meeting the requirements for process production and paper making.

2. Cutting is helpful for forming and uniformity, and is beneficial to improving the bonding force between fibers and paper strength.

3. Swelling and fine fibrillation increase the softness and plasticity of the fiber.

4. Contributes to paper strength and improves paper quality.

The grinding discs are made of precipitation-hardened stainless steel. The grinding discs are stronger, less prone to wear and tear, and have a longer service life. If you have interest to our machine, please contact us by email: