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Middle Consistency Pressure Screen For Paper Mill

The middle consistency pressure screen features multi-piece rotors that offer high efficiency and low power usage. Concentration screening on this type of pressure screen can minimize water usage and fiber loss. Additionally, middle consistency pressure screens require a smaller screening area compared to low-consistency screens of the same capacity. This leads to lower investment and maintenance costs for spare parts.

Main Specification of Middle Consistency Pressure Screen

1. By utilizing gravity to remove large impurities, the pressure screen effectively extends the machine’s lifespan by reducing wear on the rotor and screen drum.

2. The rotor, a high-efficiency and energy-saving multi-wing block design, is non-winding for improved performance.

3. With an optimized screen drum size, the pressure screen offers enhanced adaptability and lower thickening coefficients, reducing fiber loss and blockages effectively.

4. Maintenance is made convenient with an integrated base and detachable taper sleeve pulley design.

5. Ideal for high concentrations, the pressure screen conserves white water circulation in the system, promoting energy efficiency and cost savings.

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