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Paper Pulp Equipment Drum Screen For Coarse Screening

The drum screen is mainly applied to screen out large and heavy debris coming out of the pulper and reduce the load on subsequent screening equipment. The water spray device of the drum screen sprays water with a certain pressure in a fan-shaped plane to wash away the fibers and diluted pulp attached to the impurities, thereby eliminating impurities to the maximum extent and reducing fiber loss.

Application & Features

1. The principle of rotating screen and centrifugal force is used for efficient screening to improve screening efficiency.

2. While separating fibers, the pulp can also be washed to effectively remove impurities and improve the cleanliness of the pulp.

3. The structure of the cylindrical screen is relatively simple, which is conducive to the maintenance and cleaning of the equipment, and can improve the safety and stability of the equipment.

4. Equipped with an intelligent control system to realize automated operations and reduce labor costs.

Leizhan Machinery can adjust and optimize the drum screen according to the different characteristics of the pulp applied by customers, so as to be suitable for different types of paper production. Welcome to contact us by email: