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Energy- Saving Pressure Screen For Continous Paper Machine

Leizhan’s new energy-saving pressure screen consists of pulp inlet, heavy slag discharge port, light slag discharge port, cylinder, screen drum and pulp outlet. A pretreatment area is added between the pulp inlet and the cylinder. The side of the pulp port is equipped with a dilution water port, which can effectively discharge light and heavy impurities in advance and adjust the pulp concentration, pulp feed pressure, etc.

Equipment advantages:

1. Up-flow design, pulp feed from the bottom, reduce contact between heavy impurities and rotor and screen drum, prolong equipment life;

2. Lower energy consumption, greatly reducing the power consumption of the screening section;

3. Specially designed rotor for better screening effect.

The energy-saving pressure screen has less screen clogging. Leizhan improves the use environment of the pressure screen, improves screening efficiency, increases output, and extends the service life of the screen drum and the entire machine. Welcome to discuss details with us. Email address: