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Disc Disperser Paper Pulping Machine

Disc disperser is mainly composed of control section, hydraulic section and lubricating section. The system of disc disperser has a high degree of automation, and the manual process of the system can be started in chains. The lubricating section mainly provides forced lubrication and cooling for the bearings of disc disperser to ensure the normal operation of the bearings under high-speed operation.

Application & Features

1. Effectively disperse impurities such as stickies, grease, paraffin, plastic, rubber and ink particles in waste paper pulp to improve paper quality and performance.

2. Disperse the hot-melt impurities into fine particles, peel off the ink attached to the fibers and the fibers, and disperse and refine them.

3. Precise gap control ensures stable performance.

4. The system gap adjustment accuracy improves the slurry quality, reduces human labor, and improves the stability of the continuous operation of the system.

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