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High Speed Stock Washer

High speed stock washer

High speed stock washer is a new kind of deinking washing equipment. This machine adopts the whole enclosed structure, the stainless steel exterior shell, can replace the tray concentrator and the inclined spiral concentrator, simplifies the process, reduces the cost.

Leizhan High speed stock washer advantages

1. High efficiency of impurity discharge
Between polyester mesh and the roll material layer is very thin, impurities in pulp discharged quickly and the limit of removal process from the slurry layer is small, plus the effects of the centrifugal force of high-speed operation, the packing and printing ink particle etc. Tiny impurities are discharged easily, after washing slurry ash removal rate of more than 99%.

2. High dehydration efficiency
Extremely thin pulp layer and high centrifugal force is not only beneficial to tiny impurities out, also is advantageous to the water out, the device has low inlet pulp concentration and high concentration outlet pulp make the slurry dewatering rate above 90%.

3. Uniform quality of the pulp after washing.

4. Small footprint, large production capacity, small power consumption and low installation cost.

5. Simple operation, saving manpower, clean environment, safe operation.