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Low Consistency Breaking and Impurity-removing System

In paper making process, it is important for every step, such as material conveying, pulping, screening, refining, deinking etc. Breaking in low consistency and continuous impurity-removing system plays an important role in paper pulping.

Machines Applied in Low Consistency Breaking and Impurity-removing

1.Chain conveyor:Conveying waste paper or pulp board in bundle or bulk.
2.D type hydrapulper:Pulping machine, make pulp and rotor contacting frequent and quick.
3.Grapple:Grabbing large impurities from sediment well.
4.Hydrapurger:Removing light and heavy impurity in pulping process.
5.Drum Screen:Removing large light impurities from waste paper pulp.
6.Ragger:Getting rid of twisting impurities from paper pulp, like iron wire, string, plastic, yarn, etc.
7.Rope cutter:Applied for cutting off the rope from ragger

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