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Low Price Doctor Blade On Paper Making Line

As the speed of modern paper machines increases, the number of paper web breaks in the wet end of the paper machine and the corresponding operating problems increase, and doctor blade can effectively solve related problems. The doctor blade removes excess slurry and moisture from the surface of the paper, helping the paper achieve the desired quality and smoothness.

Details of Doctor Blade

1. Maximize the prevention of moisture re-wetting of the paper and improve the dryness of the paper.

2. Improve the uniformity of moisture across the paper web, reduce the number of paper breaks and paper product degradation.

3. Improve the cleanliness of the vacuum roller to prevent excessive small fibers and particles from staying in the vacuum holes and causing blockage.

4. Extend the service life of the vacuum roller and improve the efficiency of the vacuum system.

5. Increase paper machine speed and reduce steam consumption.

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