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Paper Machine Broken Pulper For Paper Mill

The broken pulper consists of a cylindrical pulping chamber and an eccentric rotor. The rotor is mounted off-center and is equipped with a rotor disc equipped with striking elements. The pulping chamber of the broken pulper is usually made of stainless steel or heavy-duty carbon steel to ensure durability.

Application & Features

1. The rotor is driven by an electric motor and rotates eccentrically to create turbulent flow inside the pulping chamber.

2. The turbulence generated by the stirring and impact of the rotor helps separate ink and other impurities from the fiber bundles.

3. The fiber bundles are stirred and impacted by the rotor disc, which effectively helps the ink particles to fall off the fibers.

4. Helps save raw material resources and reduce impact on forest deforestation and the environment.

Broken pulper is a commonly used equipment in the paper making and pulp industries, applied to efficiently break down and recycle waste paper. If you need broken pulper, please contact us. Email address: