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Paper Machine High-Speed Stock Washer

The high-speed stock washer is a versatile machinery that goes beyond mere washing, as it also excels in the thickening process. Its application is particularly beneficial for washing and concentrating waste paper deinking and pulping. This equipment serves as a cost-saving alternative to conventional pulp washing and thickening machines. Notably, the high-speed stock washer ensures uniform pulp quality and high cleanliness levels after the washing process.

Application & Features of High-Speed Stock Washer

1. This equipment finds extensive applications in the washing and concentration stages of pre-bleaching and post-bleaching for different types of waste paper recycled pulp and chemical pulp.

2. With exceptional efficacy, it effectively eliminates fine impurities like ink particles and fillers from the pulp, ensuring a remarkable removal efficiency for impurities.

3. By reducing water consumption and showcasing high dehydration efficiency, it enhances the washing degree of the pulp after the cleaning process.

4. Characterized by its compact design, high production capacity, and low power consumption, it occupies minimal space while delivering optimal performance.

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