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Waste Paper Making Equipment Manufacturer

Whether it is a paper making production line or paper processing equipment, Leizhan Machinery can be customized for you and provide continuous technical support and services. This article introduces the common pinholes in thin paper production. When dealing with paper diseases in the production of this type of paper machine, the cause should be analyzed and found as many aspects as possible, because this type of paper disease cannot be directly analyzed and judged from the appearance of the paper sheet.

Generally, the following aspects should be considered:

1) The position of the forming board of the net is too far back, or the sizing injection angle is too large.

2) The vacuum degree of the net is too large, or the vacuum distribution is unreasonable.

3) The beating degree is obviously low.

4) The mesh selection of the forming net is improper, and the air permeability is high.

5) The filler particle size is coarse or the rosin particles are coarse, and the retention rate of fillers and fine fibers on the net is too low, which can also cause this type of paper disease.

Paper making is a production process with great variables. It is not as clear-cut as other industries, but changes at any time with the production experience, operating methods, production equipment and various raw materials of the production personnel. Choosing Leizhan Machinery means choosing the guarantee of quality and reliability.

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