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Drum Pulper for Wrapping Paper Making

Drum pulper
Recently Leizhan delivered 3750 Drum Pulper for Shanci Pingyao Paper Mill, customer purchased this pulper equipment for their 800t/d wrapping paper production line. After several visit to our factory and paper machine working site, customer choose order equipment from our company, and the following is some project information.

Project information

Time: 2018.2.02
Customer: Shanxi Pingyao Foreign Trade Paper Company
Address: Shanxi, Pingyao, China
Delivery equipment: 3750 Drum Pulper
Project: 800t/d Wrapping Paper Making Line

Leizhan Drum Pulper has energy saving, high efficiency, gentle continuous pulping, no easy wear parts, etc., advantages, we invite customer visit our factory to see the machine production process and the working site. The paper machine performance make the customer believe that equipment can bring them more benefit.

We manufacture the complete paper pulping machine and paper machine spare parts, if you have any need, feel free to contact us for more details.