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Paper Pulp Machine For Egypt Wrapping Paper Making

Paper pulp machine for sale

Egypt Paper Making Mill set up a  new wrapping paper production line, need purchase paper pulp machine for the waste paper pulping. This paper making project capacity is 150t/d and customer ordered Low density cleaner, M.C. Pressure screen, Refiner and Drum pulper etc.

Project information

Time: May, 2017

Customer: Egypt Paper Making Mill

Project: 150t/d wrapping paper pulping line

Raw material: waste paper

Delivered machine

The Drum pulper type from 2500 to 4250 to meet the capacity from 70 to 1400t/d, according to production requirements to select different type. The Drum pulper no easy wearing parts, can replace a whole set continuous pulping system, and gentle pulping doesn’t damage the physical properties of the fiber, etc.

Low density cleaner used before pressure screen to remove heavy impurities, reduce wear to next equipment. The number of Low density cleaner depending on pulp capacity.

Leizhan paper machine has different type to meet the production needs, if you have any need welcome to consult us.