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10T/D Carton Paper Manufacturing Plant


Leizhan offers complete Carton paper manufacturing plant machine and customized paper making solutions for paper mills. Following is the solution for making 10T/D Carton paper using Newspaper, Office paper and Scrap cardboard as raw materials. The complete production line contains pulp production line and carton paper making machine.

3T/18h Newspaper and office paper processing line

Pulping: Vertical hydrapulper
Cleaning: High density cleaner
Pulp washing: Inclined screen
Refining: Clafline refiner, Double disc refiner

10T/18h Scrap cardboard recycling for pulp production

Paper board breaking and pulping: D type hydrapulper
Pulp cleaning: High density cleaner, Middle density cleaner
Coarse and fine creening: 1st Pressure screen, Reject separator, Fine screen, Pressure screen before paper machine
Pulp washing: Inclined screen
Refining: Double disc refiner

10 T/D kraft Paper Making Machine

Return unit                  φ450
Cylindrical press        φ450/φ1500
Squeeze roll                φ350/φ350
Prepress section        φ500/φ450
Press Section             φ650/φ600
Dryer section             φ1500
Transmission            4 panel joint pcs
Power                         114.5KW
Cabinet and  air hood