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Indispensable Pulp Equipment High Density Cleaner

High density cleaner is mainly composed of slurry feed pipe, conical container, waste discharge port, cleaning water feed pipe, heavy impurity discharge port and other components. The slurry enters the high density cleaner through the feed pipe. Due to the centrifugal force, heavy impurities are thrown toward the cone wall, while the purer slurry is discharged upward through the outlet.

Application & Features

1. Remove heavy impurities in the slurry and improve the purity of the slurry.

2. The feed volume and pressure of the cleaning water can be adjusted manually to better control the cleaning effect.

3. Can be applied to process various types of pulp, including waste paper recycling pulp and wood pulp.

4. It can be applied to remove ink stains and oil stains in waste paper and improve the quality of recycled waste paper pulp.

The design parameters and adjustment performance of the high density cleaner can be adjusted and customized according to different production requirements, allowing the high density cleaner to better adapt to different production processes and paper varieties. Email address: