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Leizhan Customizable Kraft Paper Machine

The Leizhan kraft paper machine is engineered to address the requirements of large-scale manufacturing without compromising on quality. Operating at a capacity of 100 tons per day, it guarantees a consistent output of kraft paper to fulfill market needs. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, this kraft paper machine facilitates rapid paper manufacturing, aligning with both industry benchmarks and customer requirements.

Technical Parameters of 100t/d Kraft Paper Machine

1.Paper type: Kraft paper

2. Capacity: 100t/d

3. Productivity ratio: 80-200g/㎡

4. Net paper width: 3200mm

5. Working speed: 100-180m/min

6. Driving type: AC frequency conversion sectional drive


In alignment with worldwide initiatives for sustainability, Leizhan Company places a strong emphasis on environmentally-friendly practices in our machinery. The 100t/d kraft paper making machine is designed to reduce its ecological footprint by optimizing resource usage and decreasing waste generation, thus playing a part in fostering a more ecologically-conscious future.

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