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Paper Pulp Machine D Type Hydrapulper

The traditional hydrapulper produces an unobstructed swirling flow, and the paper material moves in a spiral line from the adding point to the central rotor, while the D-type hydrapulper changes this flow mode, allowing the paper material to flow more quickly In contact with the rotor, this shortens the time from adding the paper stock to the crushing process and increases production capacity without increasing power and volume.

Application & Features

1. The special structure of the hydraulic pulper tank. When the rotor rotates, the pulp flow is blocked by the D-shaped straight surface of the tank and deflected toward the center, which shortens the rotation path of the pulp and causes the pulp to be broken down more frequently.

2. Unbroken paper pieces and fiber bundles can be further decomposed in the gap between the rotor and the screen plate.

3. The special shape of the tailings of the crushing blade enables it to keep the sieve holes from being blocked.

4. Equipped with a rope twister when shredding waste paper to continuously remove winding impurities, which can greatly extend the continuous operation time of the pulper and improve work efficiency.

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