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Paper Pulp Machine Of Double Disc Refiner

Double disc refiner is mainly applied for pulp preparation and pulp refining in the paper making industry. It can refine the fibers, make them softer, and increase the gloss and feel of the paper.

Double disc refiner is suitable for various fiber raw materials, such as wood, waste paper, etc., and plays the role of breaking fiber bundles and separating fibers during the paper making process.

Application & Features

1. Double disc refiner adopts a double-disc rotating design, and the fibers continuously collide, rub and grind on the disc surface, thereby achieving an efficient refining effect.

2. The refining efficiency is high and it can quickly disperse the raw fiber and make the fiber finer and more uniform.

3. Double disc refiner can flexibly control the refining process by adjusting parameters such as pulp input volume, feeding speed, and gap size to meet the production needs of different quality papers.

4. The equipment can also realize humidity adjustment and fiber dispersion adjustment as needed.

5. Double disc refiner adopts an advanced automated control system, which can achieve precise process parameter setting and control to ensure the stability and consistency of the refining effect.

Double disc refiner plays an important role in the paper production process. Impurities and residues can also be effectively removed during the refining process, improving the purity and quality of the pulp. If you have interest to our machine, please contact us by email: