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Stock Preparation Machine Light Impurity Separator

Light impurity separator is a vital component in the paper making industry, providing effective removal of light contaminants and impurities from the pulp suspension. Through its key components and operational principles, light impurity separator improves paper quality, increases machine efficiency, reduces fiber loss, and delivers environmental benefits.

Details of Light Impurity Separator


Components of Light Impurity Separator

Inlet and Outlet Manifolds. Screen Basket. Rotor and Reject Outlet. Drive Motor and Gearbox.

Operation of Light Impurity Separator

Pulp Suspension Feeding. Agitation and Separation. Reject Discharge. Cleaning and Maintenance.

Benefits of Light Impurity Separator

1. Improved Paper Quality.

2. Increased Machine Efficiency.

3. Reduction in Fiber Loss.

4. Environmental Benefits.

The careful selection, installation, and maintenance of light impurity separator are critical to ensure optimal performance and achieve the desired purity levels in the final paper and board products. Email address: