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T Paper Production Process

T paper machine

T paper and kraft paper is very similar, but T paper is worse than kraft paper, so the making process is more simple than other wrapping paper production process, only need one raw material can meet the paper making needs.

T paper pulping process

This paper making use waste paper as raw material, if the capacity is big than 80t/d we suggest use Drum pulper to break material, in the one hand, drum pulper break waste paper better, on the oter hand, Drum pulper can cave energy when the capacity is big than 80 t/d. If capacity is small can use D type drum pulper, then heavy impurities be removed by High density cleaner, and the numer of screening equipment according to your capacity, generally there are Reject separator or Vibrating screen to handle tailing of coarse screen. Through fractionating screen and fine screening, short fiber can be directly conveyed to Inclined Screen to increase the consistency of pulp, prepare for paper machine.

T paper machine

The T paper machine is basically the same as the kraft paper machine, pulp enter into headbox by approach system, and though wire section, press section, first stage drying section, size machine, second stage drying section, calendering and reeling section to become finished paper. All this paper machine can be available in Leizhan, welcome to consult us.