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Paper Machine Cylinder Mould

Cylinder mould

Paper machine cylinder mould mainly used in tissue paper machine or other small capacity paper making line, the total length of the machine is short, working speed slowly, easy to operate.

Paper machine cylinder mould

Stainless steel cylinder mould
Technical indicators: According to the use of points: paper making cylinder mould, concentrated cylinder mould
According to the structure: ordinary, chip, pumping, vacuum
Material: stainless steel
Product Specifications: Diameter series φ600, φ700, φ755, φ760, φ800, Ф1000, Ф1250, Ф1500, Ф1800,Ф2000
Width range: 1000-5000mm

Stainless steel cylinder mould features 

1. High speed: dynamic balance detection, more than 700 meters.
2. Quality higher than ordinary cylinder mould, reduce energy consumption.
3. Each wheel has been accurately measured, to avoid the phenomenon of heavy cylinder mould, to reduce the friction on the felt and wire, reduce manufacturing cost.
4. All spokes for the U-shaped design to reduce water resistance, the surface is very smooth; speed higher than ordinary cast iron cylinder mould can be increased by 15-30 meters, will not produce water throwing phenomenon.
5. Strength is higher than the ordinary cylinder mould several times, impact resistance, reduce the cylinder mould repair rate.
6. High flatness of the mesh, increase the drainage area, increase production, improve the quality of paper.
7. Standard 304 stainless steel.
8. Very strong integrity, durable.

We can supply different types cylinder mould, stainless steel and ordinary cylinder mould, if you have any need, feel free to contact us.