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Problems Caused By Paper Making Felt In Paper Machine

Paper crushing means that the wet paper sheet is subjected to pressure in the press area of the paper machine to form fluid pressure. Under the action of the fluid pressure, the moisture in the paper sheet is discharged outward. If the drainage is not smooth, the wet paper sheet will be damaged. The arrangement state of the fibers in the paper, this phenomenon is called “crushing” of the paper sheet. It is the most common phenomenon in paper machine paper diseases, and it is also the most troublesome paper disease.
Among the factors that cause paper sheet collapse, paper making felt has four factors. Only the factors of paper making felt is explained below.

Improper selection of paper making felts causes paper sheet collapse

The selection of felt must be based on various technical parameters of the paper machine and the production environment. The product name, weight, air permeability, thickness, and raw material origin of the supporting paper felt must be selected. You can communicate with our technical staff.

Paper sheets crushed due to dirty paper making felt

Strengthening the washing of paper making felts and maintaining the cleanliness of paper making felts are the top priorities to extend their service life and reduce the occurrence of paper defects.

Paper sheet collapse due to worn paper making felts

Reasons for felt wear and tear include: newly replaced vacuum box panel, insufficient needling tightness of the felt, too light setting, excessive vacuum, no lubricating water between the felt and the vacuum panel, improper selection of vacuum panel material, excessive friction coefficient, etc.

In addition, the felt tension is too small, the lateral shrinkage is too large, the vacuum suction box is leaking, the felt standard line is deformed and bent, and the felt base fabric tension is uneven, etc., which can easily lead to uneven dehydration of the wet paper sheet and cause crushing. If you need high quality blankets, please contact us. Email address: