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The Beating Degree OF Papermaking Pulp

Double disc refiner

Different beating equipment, different paper requirements, need to take a different beating process and operation. How to treat the beating degree pressure ratio?

The slurry pressure ratio is the main factor determining the slurry beating efficiency. It is the key to ensure the quality of slurry, shorten the slurry time and save the electricity consumption. The slurry pressure ratio has a close relationship with the spacing. Since there is a thin layer between the knife and the bottom knife, the distance between the knives should be kept at 0.05~0.08 mm. If the blade comes in contact, it not only loses the mortar, but also wears the blade badly.

Increasing pressure ratio is good for fiber cutting. The pulp speed is accelerated, cutting off more, crushing more, the content of small fiber is increasing.

In addition to the size of the press, it is also important to achieve the time required to specify the beating pressure. In general, if the use of the method is to gradually increase the ratio of beating pulp, the result is a large degree of fiber water swelling, cutting effect is small, this beating method is applicable to the requirements of high strength, and scalability is not important status of paper.

If slurry beating pressure ratio more rapidly increased, will result is that the fiber swelling and splitting function is small, and the cutting function is large, this method is suitable for general writing paper and printing paper beating.
As the beating start, rapid increase pressure ratio, beating the role of cutting fibers accounted for absolute advantage, this beating method can only be used in filter paper, blotting paper and other requirements of a good absorption of paper.

For the use of short straw pulp production of general culture and packaging paper beating, the low-pressure beating, to avoid cutting short fibers to improve the paper strength.

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