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Kraft Liner Paper Making Line

100TPD Kraft Paper Making Line

100T/D kraft paper making Line divides into paper pulping process and papermaking process, our engineer design the project for Indian paper making friends, use LOCC and AOCC/JOCC as raw material, the paper machine is double layer kraft paper machine.

20TPD Kraft Paper Making Line

20t/d kraft paper making line contain paper pulping process and kraft paper machine two parts, both this is important to finished paper quality, especiall paper machine play a very important role in finished paper quality and benefits of customer.

200TPD Kraft Paper Making Project

Kraft paper machine is on hot sale in Leizhan Paper Machinery Company, our engineer designed the 200t/d kraft paper making project contain double layer kraft paper machine and paper pulping process.

3200mm Double Layer Kraft Paper Machine

Double Layer Kraft Paper Machine has two layer wire and two headbox to produce high quality kraft paper, the top layer is wood pulp making wet paper, bottom layer is waste paper pulp formed wet paper and complex into a paper web in the press section. Double layer kraft paper machine Leizhan supplied working stable, easy to operate, broken paper phenomenon rarely occurs.

Chain Conveyor In Waste Paper Recycling Line

Chain Conveyor is mainly used in papermaking industry for conveying varies of scattered and bundled waste paper . It can works when it is horizontal or Gradient less than 25°.and it is widely used for padding waste paper from ground to pulper.

Screening And Fiber Recovery In Paper Pulping Line

Screening and high effect fiber recovery is a challenge for paper making industry, Leizhan continuous upgrade technology to achieve the maximum recovery of fiber, adopt international advance, continuous trial and improvement.

15TPD Kraft Paper Making Project

Leizhan can supply the whole complete Kraft paper making line for paper mill. The whole set of 15t/d kraft paper making line contain waste paper pulping line and 1880 kraft paper machine. Leizhan focus on Paper&Pulp Machine Manufacturing industry 37 years, we provide high quality low price paper machine for paper making friends.

10TPD kraft Paper Making Line

Kraft paper widely used in our life, the use of kraft paper determines its high strength requirements, how to make the finished paper into the standard? What equipment can help us to produce high quality and capacity paper with less energy?

70tpd Kraft Paper Machine Supplier

70t/d kraft paper making line contain paper pulping process and kraft paper making process, pulping process divides into top layer pulp and bottom layer pulp, generally top layer pulp use wood pulp, white shavings as material, bottom layer pulp use waste pulp as material. The paper pulp machine and kraft paper machine take a very important role in finished paper quality.

T Paper Production Process

T paper and kraft paper is very similar, but T paper is worse than kraft paper, so the making process is more simple than other wrapping paper production process, only need one raw material can meet the paper making needs.

300T/D Kraft Paper Manufacturing Line

This machine is three layers kraft paper machines production line, we give this project for paper making friends to help you increase capacity production, and you can upgrade your equipment to increase your capacity.

Recycle Cardboard Paper Manufacturing Machine

Use recycled cardboard paper as raw material, Leizhan offers complete set of Paper manufacturing line for paper mills to produce high strength Kraft paper, Cardboard paper.

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