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Paper Pulp cleaner Of High Density Cleaner For Sale

High density cleaner can reduce the particulate matter content in the pulp. Good pulp is discharged from the upper outlet of the high density cleaner, while heavy impurities sink into the sediment tank, helping to reduce subsequent equipment wear and maintenance costs. High density cleaner is equipped with a ceramic inner tank and a solenoid valve.

Application & Features

1. The special design of the high density cleaner makes the equipment occupy a small area, is easy to operate, does not block the slag discharge port, and has high purification efficiency;

2. Double cone structure, volute type slurry feeding, strong ability to separate heavy slag;

3. Large diameter feed tee, large slurry flow rate and low power consumption;

4. It can effectively remove sand, metal, glass and other heavy impurities and reduce subsequent equipment wear;

5. The tee is made of 304 stainless steel, and the cone is made of thickened wear-resistant alumina ceramics, which has a long service life;

6. The system design is a process of internal time relays, provides reliable five parameters, more flexible and convenient way to modify, you can modify offline or can be modified Online

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