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Cultural Paper Making Line

80TPD Wast Newspaper Pulping Project

In order to achieve the recycling of resources, the paper industry prefer choose waste paper as raw material to produce lower quality paper. Use waste newspaper and magazine to produce culture paper in addition to use conventional pulping equipment, also need deinking equipment.

Vertical Pulper In Pulping Process

Horizontal Pulper and Vertical Pulper is two types pulper equipment in Paper pulp industry, Horizontal Pulper is equipment that used a few years ago, there is no advantage of production capacity and power energy compared with Vertical Pulper, mostly customer choose Vertical Pulper to increase capacity.

Paper Pulp Machine High Density Cleaner

High density cleaner is the necessary equipment, use behind pulper equipment for removing heavy impurities. Every paper pulp line need this equipment, not only high grade paper, like tissue and culture, but also wrapping paper, like kraft paper, corrugate paper and coating paper. As the high density cleaner is used to remove heavy impurities, so the requirement for machine quality is high.

30T/D Printing Paper Making Line

Printing paper belongs cultural paper, use wood pulp, white shaving paper, waste book as raw material, the pulping process is more simple compared with waste paper pulping line, only need several pulp machine can produce good slurry.

20T/18H White shavings Pulping line

The following project is designed for  5t/d cultural paper pulping line of Egypt paper mill by Leizhan company. Our company has working in paper&pulper machine manufacture industry for more than 36 years, our professional managers have rich experience to meet your needs.

Writing And Printing Paper Production Line

Supplier of Whole Wring And Printing Paper Production Line contains Pulp production line and paper making machine for paper makers. Wood pulp, Virgin pulp, White shavings, Waste paper, etc.

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